Your employer is NOT responsible for your learning

Learning & Development is a personal endeavour. We are here to support you in that journey!

Why join?

Business needs are evolving….are your skills and knowledge evolving to meet the needs of your future and your career? 

This community is here for those that take their learning and development seriously.

If you...

  • want to learn and help others learn;
  • benefit from networking with your peers across the world;
  • are serious about keeping your knowledge and skills up-to-date;

...then make use of this community. Contribute to it and take from it what you need to STAY RELEVANT in this evolving world.

Our Story

Our Founder tells the story: 

I remember asking my Dad why I needed to carry on at school.  I wanted to get on with my life and going to school was boring.  My Father told me that school is more than what you learn, it is about learning ‘how’ to learn. He went on to say “When you go to university, it will be about how to study and research, so that you can always continue to learn”.

The ex2 community is for people that want to take ownership for their learning and development.

Too many people think that it is their employers' responsibility to provide them with relevant learning and development. This is simply not true.  Keeping yourself informed and developing your skills, is YOUR responsibility. Your employer is simply a supplier that specializes in areas that are relevant to their business.

Most companies develop training (especially leadership and management training), and then role out the same courses year after year. Occasionally they are adding a new session, mostly reacting to something that is required or an issue that emerged.

At ex2 Academy we are committed to pushing boundaries. We don’t want to only provide the standard courses, we want to look into the future and see what is necessary for leaders in the future. We want to discuss, explore, challenge in a way that makes people think and constantly strive to be the best of who they can be.

Everybody that works in and with ex2 Academy has a background in learning and development, and that includes administrative people, technical people and other functional roles. 

Together we have developed the ex2 community as a platform for like-minded people to share their knowledge, learn from each other and keep themselves informed.  

Look at the Orientation video and familiarize yourself with the site and then, Participate - Share - Learn and be the best of who you can be.

We are honoured to have you with us and look forward to sharing your journey